Technical SEO Services in India

In today’s scenario no one wants to wait to absorb the important information over the internet through any website. So it’s very critical to know how your website is technically performing in terms of loading, its dwell time or bounce rate and other crucial metrics like core web vitals which are a direct measurable ranking factor by search engines.

One second delay in loading can lower down the conversion rates and you either miss your sale or the client lead for your services.

So here me Nitin Rustagi, your SEO expert from India will take care of these technical seo aspects and help you in getting those high valuable leads.

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Understand what is Technical SEO and its Importance

We all know that online business via organic traffic runs on the rankings in search engines which are achieved by the crawling and indexing of the pages in these search engines properly.

But sometimes the websites are so large that the errors start coming and issues are becoming critical that either the crawling gets reduced or indexing of important pages are not happening due to poor structure of pages, renderings of the pages, mobile compatibility issues, slow load time or even sometimes wrong technical implementations.

So it’s very important that your website will be technically sound for search engines crawling and indexing and in parallel provide a seamless experience to your users.

So technical seo services help you in getting those issues identified and rectified at the earliest otherwise you will start losing your rankings.

Once the website is technically sound the top rankings start getting the 35% click through rate which brings you the high qualified traffic and leads.

Technical SEO Services have the below processes to provide actionable insights for your technical teams:

  • Auditing of the domain you provide to us
  • Crawling of the website to know the errors at large
  • MetaData issues to be provided
  • Duplicate Content Issues at large
  • XML Sitemap issues and rectification
  • Https Status Codes check
  • Redirect issues like redirect chains
  • Robots.txt analysis
  • Core Web Vitals reports
  • Image Optimization
  • Structured Schema

The reports will pass through the 200 seo checklist points.

In large Context I will provide the Competitor analysis and Backlink Audits too. If the website needs to be migrated to another domain then I will provide you with the bespoke domain migration strategies so that your organic traffic will remain intact.

So don’t wait to contact me to achieve the best Technical Seo services to maintain or top your organic rankings.