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Top SEO Expert in India | SEO Consultant to Drive Growth

Hi, I’m Nitin Rustagi, an SEO expert in India. Having 20+ years of experience in this SEO industry and getting through all kinds of challenges to solve in these years. I have worked in many startups and corporate sectors of all categories and worked for news media houses websites, pharmacy, e-commerce, fintech and gaming websites to escalate their organic growth.

I know what will work and what won’t, having already tried several tested methods and then normalizing them to get the most benefits out of them. It’s time for me to help boost your organic visibility and take your business to the next level. See my Linkedin profile.

Why do you need to Hire me as your SEO Expert?

Being a very early starter I have seen how search engines evolve so I know what you need to increase your ROI.

I am not a simple regular SEO consultant who promises but does not deliver things. Once you hire me you will receive valuable, executable points to boost your ROI to new heights.

I have practiced the SEO strategies from the year 2000 and still continue to learn as the SEO landscape changes on daily bases. So on studying your website from an Organic growth point of view I will leave no stone unturned to boost your organic traffic growth and ROI via SEO.

All the strategies will be tailor made as all websites are not equal and pain points are different too.

So once we start working together then my sole mission is to get your website ranking on top with milestones in the mind.

Your team will get direct recommendations with the SEO hypothesis attached to them to know what's working and what's not.

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Below are the SEO Services I provide:

Technical SEO

Audit your website for technical issues leading to bot crawling and indexing issues. A major concern in the case of big websites. These days content is of utmost importance and you can uncover your Content decay with these technical SEO.

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SEO Audits

I will do your technical SEO audit at large and uncover issues which are a major concern for your pages ranking in search engines.This includes page titles, descriptions, duplicacy, cannibalization, mixed content issues etc. After doing an SEO audit I can analyze the website strength, weakness and opportunity areas for which I will give actionable recommendations for your technical teams.

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Local SEO

Local SEO, like GMB optimization, is to ensure that a business appears prominently when users search for products or services within a specific geographic area, typically targeted to a city, region, or even neighborhood. So if you are having physical stores then Local SEO services are a must for your business.

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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO will drive potential customers to the e-commerce website, increasing the chances of generating sales and revenue via boosted organic rankings of category and product pages.So ready to boost your sales with my Ecommerce SEO strategies for your website.

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International SEO

Get organic traffic across different countries and languages with specific International SEO techniques to boost your visibility. Here you have the chance to expand your services or any product sales to any country. I will create technical and content strategies to rank on these different geos.

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Enterprise SEO

If your website is too large to handle then you will need this Enterprise SEO services from me as large websites in itself induce a lot of problems related to technical and content which leads to stagnation in growth and then misses the AOP created by the Leadership teams in association with all stakeholders.

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SEO Penalty Recovery

So if your rankings are suffering from any of the wrong practices in the past like spam links, thin content, algorithmic penalty or even manual penalties then I can help you to provide the actionable pointers to remove these penalties after you submit for re-evaluations.

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SEO People First Content

Either its an information piece of content or Brand communication for your service. I will research keywords and create outlines for the content to put your Brand proposition and USP in a SEO friendly and helpful way to solve people's problems first.

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