SEO Penalty Recovery Services

Sometimes your website is showing low traffic and low rankings suddenly In Google Search engine. I analyze these sudden drop in traffic and rankings by assessing the on-page and off page work you are doing on page level and factors affecting sitewide.

Analysis include the spammy linkbacks, thin content, non compliance with any of the Google guidelines or over optimization which can trigger the google penalties. These penalties might be algorithmic or manual ones.

Below is the common penalties:

  • Penguin – A website low value spammy backlinks are devalued by the search engine then your rankings can get affected.
  • Panda – A website has many pages but not meaningful and very thin content on them then Panda penalty applied by the search engines. These days total full AI content can be included in this too.
  • Manual – your website is checked by Google’s web spam team and they put the Manual penalty after assessment of your website.

In my 20 years I have seen all these penalties on a lot of websites and I have removed them completely to get the rankings on track.

Do contact me if you want to get the assessment and recovery of your site from any penalty today.